Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Vintage Peddler

A new antique shop opened very close to my house.  And I sort of snagged a booth there.

Yes, that's booth number four.

Booth four is at The Vintage Peddler.

Since the mall is brand new, we got a framed out booth that we could have our way with.  The owner left the booths that way so that each vendor could make their space unique.  So we shiplapped the back wall.........

I love walking up and seeing that wall with the handkerchief bunting.

We hung pegboard on the other walls, which we covered with burlap.

Then we filled it up.........

The booth spaces there are month to month, so I figured this little experiment at another antique mall couldn't hurt.

You can check out my inventory on Facebook!  There's an album dedicated to The Vintage Peddler, as well as my Relics booths!

I'm crossing my fingers that this new antique mall takes off!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Table Talk

Our to-do list around here is a mile long.  Some things are $$$$ and are pretty far down the list.  But some things are less expensive, and all we need is time!  Time was abundant this summer, so one of those cheaper things got crossed off the list!

Let me back up a little though.

The home we sold a year ago had two smaller eating areas, so we had two smaller dining sets.  Neither of which would work in our 1921 Craftsman as there is only one dining space here, and it is B.I.G.  Luckily, the mister's aunt had a large, old trestle table just sitting in storage that we were happy to latch on to for the time being.  And it was free.

But it was not pretty.......

There was damage to the top in the form of melted wax that had eaten into the wood.  But nothing a little wood filler and paint couldn't cover.

Now normally, I wouldn't be on board with painting an original piece, but this isn't exactly antique.  Probably 70's.  And with the damage, there was really no way around it.

So two coats of flat acrylic and one good waxing later, we had a bright white table........

I really love how it turned out.  How the paint brought out the detail in the table base.  And how fresh and clean it feels.

This room is slowly evolving!  First the chandelier update and now the table!  Next up, painting the walls.

Goodbye lime green!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

That One Time I Met a Bachelor....

Summer summer summer.

While it's still here in season, it's gone really.  School started two weeks ago, so it's back to being a weekend warrior.  But that's okay, because this summer was a good one.  The longest one in years.  We clocked just shy of three months off.  I had lots on my "to-do" list, but one of my main goals was to get to the beach.......and we did.......

We went to Naples, Florida!  We did a lot of exploring this time (versus the last time where we hit up lots of tourist spots). Meaning, we took some road trips!  We drove to Sanibel Island..........

And we drove to the Keys..........

We chased sunsets at our favorite spot.......

And at our favorite beach, this happened..........

I met Chris Soules, a former Bachelor.

As a forever fan of the show, this was monumental.  So monumental I couldn't form a string of words to say to him.

All thanks to the mister.  Because I wasn't going to approach him.  The mister made it happen.  And I'm not mad about it.

I mean, look at my ridiculous face!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Revival of Macrame

Macrame.  A lost art?

Think again!  Macrame is back in a big way!  In fact, it's back and hanging in the room I'm staging as an office!  I told you I was changing up the vibe in this house.

I love how this piece adds depth and texture to my office wall.  I also love how you just don't see macrame's different, maybe unexpected, and definitely one of a kind!  Not to mention, it's the work of a fiber artist, my friend Layne.  She made that beautiful piece.

But let's back up a little bit.

Not too long ago, my friend Layne asked to interview me about my favorite hobby!  She wanted to know a little bit more about my thrifting skills.  Funny thing is, I wanted to know a little bit more about her favorite hobby too.........macrame!  So we traded interviews!  You can check out my interview at her blog The Room Journal.  And you can stay put to hear more about Layne's favorite hobby.......

How did you get into macrame?
My dad got me interested in macrame.  He made a lot of plant hangers, etc, back in the 70's, and he taught me a few knots. But then I became obsessed with it a few years ago when I discovered the work of Sally England.  Seeing her work made me start getting serious about learning more advanced knots.  I am self-taught, using vintage macrame books and YouTube videos.

Tell me about your Etsy shop name Viola Maye....
When I first started my Etsy shop, I called it "Eck Art."  I just couldn't think of a anything pretty, so I went with something silly. But I really wanted to find a name that had a nice sound to it.  Then one day I was digging through a drawer and came across something that had my grandma's first and middle name on it, and realized how much I liked the sound of her name, so I went with that.

What different items can you make? 
I offer pre-made and made-to-order macrame items, including wall hangings and plant hangers.  I also take custom orders.

What materials do you use?
I use cotton rope.  I also use driftwood I find along the coast of Puget Sound.

What gave you the idea of finding driftwood along Puget Sound to use?
I've noticed so many macrame artists using lots of different things to tie knots from ~ dowels, copper rods, lucite, driftwood, etc.  I've always loved the driftwood the best, so I was pretty thrilled when I discovered my new home in the Pacific Northwest had plenty of interesting pieces of driftwood everywhere I look.

*   *   *   *

I have driftwood from Puget Sound hanging in my house?!?!?!  That is pretty darn cool!!!  AND YOU COULD TOO!  Layne is offering 20% off orders over $50!  Use the code VINTAGEGROVE20 to receive the discount!  Hop on over to Viola Maye to snag a beautiful piece of your own!  Or you can buy the piece named Evelyn for ME.  I have lots more wall space to fill, and I've had my eye on Evelyn since she added it to her shop!

We can call it an early Christmas present!

*   *   *   *

You can find Layne on the internets at.....
*her blog:
*on Instagram: @layneeckhardt

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ceiling Medallions and Chandeliers

DIY projects are not foreign to us.  We've done plenty, most in our previous home.  There are a few things we've tackled that were pretty intimidating.  But this one?  This one takes the cake.

It all started back at our old house when I told the mister that the dining room chandelier was going to be a reserve item.  I was taking that baby with me.  I had grand hang it in our new dining room along with a certain ceiling medallion.  The fixture in our new dining room was dinky, and I felt like our chandelier would fill the space better.  Not to mention, chandeliers are $$$$, so taking it with us was thrifty!

Taking it down and packing it was no small feat.

But hanging it annnnd a ceiling medallion goes down as our hardest DIY to date.  Maybe because chandeliers are heavy. Probably because our 95 year old ceiling isn't 100% level.  But most likely because both of us are perfectionists.

When it was all said and done though, we were both very happy with the results....

And now if anyone needs a tutorial on how to hang a ceiling medallion, I'm your girl.  Or you could get the gist from this short Flipagram......

I swear I helped!  Somebody had to stop and take pictures every once in awhile.........

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Crazy Plant Lady

I've become a little obsessed with plants lately (even though my track record isn't the best).

I blame Instagram and Pinterest.

Images of eclectic, bohemian-esque rooms with greenery everywhere are suddenly speaking to me. It's probably because I'm changing up the vibe in this house.  It might be because this house has such great natural light.

I could also use the excuse that I have a difficult-to-style living room.

This room is huge.  It really has two different sitting areas in one large rectangular space.  It's tricky.  Soooo plants to the rescue.

My first purchase......a fiddle leaf fig from a local nursery.........

Not a cheap plant.  Especially if you're good at killing them.

Anyway, as you walk into this monstrous room, straight ahead is a large wall.  That large wall is home to our TV stand.  The only outlet is about three feet away from where the TV has to be (because of the configuration of this room).  Two huge cords hang from that outlet to the TV.

I was dying to cover those cords. But another piece of furniture just didn't make sense there.

That's when I decided I would try a plant grouping next to the entertainment center!  This would cover the cords and help fill that open space.  I bought two more plants and thought putting them in baskets would add texture.  I thrifted the outer baskets and found the middle basket at Target......

Mission accomplished!?

When I open my front door now, I'm greeted with greenery instead of a blank wall with a string of cords.  It makes me happy.

What would make me even happier?

Keeping my fiddle leaf alive.....

Give me alllll the advice you've got, people.

My fiddle leaf is begging you.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Vintage Rug Dreams

Have you ever scared a FedEx driver by doing a little jig on the porch as he walked up your steps with an extra exciting delivery? It's possible that happened here a few months ago when my vintage Turkish rug was delivered.

Yes.  Months ago.  And I'm just now showing it off?  Yep.  For a great reason.  I could not find a rug pad in this town that I deemed good enough for this antique baby of mine.  And without a rug pad, the rug was bunching and shifting a lot.  So I rolled it up and put it away until recently......

More on the rug......when we got our new furniture, I knew I wanted a rug to anchor the space.  I knew I wanted a vintage kilim. And after lots of online searching, I found the perfect one via the Turkish Rug Man!  I loved the design and colors, and of course, it was just the right size!

But, like I said, it wasn't staying in place on slick hardwood floors without a rug pad, since vintage kilims are thinner than rugs tend to be nowadays.  So the day it was delivered, I went to - no joke - FIVE STORES in town to look for a rug pad.  All I found in each store was a pressed plastic pad, which I'd had no luck with in the past.  Which tend to smell a little chemical-esque. Which I feared would damage the rug and possibly, the hardwoods too, which are original to our house!

There was no way I was putting a plastic pad under this vintage dream of mine.

Enter the Rug Pad Corner who completely saved the day!  They make pads that are 100% chemical and glue free.  This meant, no strange smell coming from the pad.  It also meant that my rug and floors would not be damaged.  Annnnd they are made in the USA!

They had a few to choose from that would work with hardwoods floors.  I decided to go with one called the Ultra Premium. The Ultra Premium rug pad is everything I'd hoped for.  First of all, when I opened the package, there was no scent to the pad at all!  No chemical smell whatsoever.  Next, the pad flattened out immediately!  I didn't have to wait to throw the rug on top! The felt side went against the rug and held it in place.......

Since vintage rugs tend to have odd dimensions, another feature I love, is that they are made and cut to be custom to your rug! They cut mine to be just a tad smaller than my rug, meaning no pad peeks out!

During the short time I actually left the rug out - pre-pad - my rug would shift a lot, especially with my rambunctious pups. Once the pad was underneath, my rug has not budged an inch.  It would also bunch up under the coffee table before.  Now there is no bunching, since the felt seems to adhere to the rug, and the rubber side grips to my hardwoods nicely......

The pad also adds a little depth to my pretty thin rug!  It's about 1/3" thick, which is the perfect amount of cushion underfoot!

To say I'm happy with this pad is an understatement.  For any future rugs I purchase, vintage or not, I will definitely be using a pad from the Rug Pad Corner.  And you should too!  Use the code REVIEW15 for 15% off your purchase!

Good thing I wasn't home when the rug pad was delivered.  I would have scared the UPS driver too!  I was so excited about finally getting put the rug down for good, I might have tackled him!

*I received this rug pad in exchange for an honest review via the Rug Pad Corner!*